Straight Fertilizers

As a major player in straight fertilizer for the past 100 years, we provide various types of nutrients to formulate together with other mixture fertilizers. This fertilizer is also commonly used in plantations.

Straight Fertilizers
Nutrient Content
Nitrogenous Fertilizers
Ammonium Sulphate
21% N
Ammonium Chloride
25% N
46% N
Phosphatic Fertilizers
Christmas Island Rock Phosphate
30% P2O5
Jordan Rock Phosphate
28-30% P2O5
Egyptian Rock Phosphate
26-28% P2O5
Di Ammonium Phosphate
18%N, 46-48% P2O5
Mono Ammonium Phosphate
11%N, 44% P2O5
Potassic Fertilizers
Muriate Of Potash
60% K2O
Sulphate Of Potash
50% K2O
Magnesium Fertilizers
Ground Magnesium Limestone
16-18% MgO
HG Magenesium Sulphate
27% MgO
Fused Magnesium Sulphate
20%P2O5, 18% MgO
Natural Kieserite
2%K2O, 25% MgO