Who We Are

At PK Fertilizers, we are proud to play an integral part of the nation's growth in the agriculture industry. As a market leader and a top-tier player in the Malaysian fertilizer industry, we offer innovative products to reduce waste and increase efficiency to meet the global demands of an ever-increasing population. Our signature brand, RH ®, is a trusted name in the agriculture industry and has earned the loyalty of major plantations, dealers, and generations of farmers and lives up to the brand's motto "A Brand You Trust".

PK Fertilizer’s history stretches back to our time as part of Guthrie and Co. where our sole business was to import fertilizers for Guthrie’s own use in their estates. Today, PK Fertilizers is a fully integrated fertilizer group involved in the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide range of fertilizers and agriculture products involving various crops such as oil palm, pineapple, durian, coconut, cocoa, tropical fruits, and cash crops.

We source only the best raw materials from reputable international suppliers and collaborate with top researchers to develop innovative products that cultivate high yield and quality to meet the demand and standards of the agriculture sector. With an extensive network of manufacturing and warehousing facilities strategically located at major ports throughout Malaysia and our large production capacity of 600,000 MT, we have established long-term strategic partnerships with our customers and bring continued success to our legacy. 

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Our Strengths


For 100 years, our reputation has been built on high-quality products. We believe quality is irreplaceable, a philosophy that has been the backbone of our brand tried and tested by generations of satisfied customers.


Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our timely product deliveries through our extensive network and capacity. We work closely with our customers and foreign partners to ensure minimal supply disruption and that schedules are met.


We are fully committed to ensuring customers’ needs are met with the ability to customize products according to their requirements, as well as advisory services extending from logistics to actual application. All our staff are well-trained to provide our customers with accurate information on our products.


With several decades of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to become efficient and competitive. We offer the best cutting-edge solutions to our customers, handling everything from sourcing and transportation to production and delivery.

Our Mission

At PK Fertilizers, we are committed to promoting sustainable growth in the agriculture industry in Malaysia. With the United Nations projecting a 50% increase in the world's population over the next 50 years, we recognize the pressing need for sustainable food production as countries continue to develop and demand for better quality food products increases.

PK Fertilizers continues to support the growth of food producers through sustainable practices to ensure continuous food supply for the livelihoods of current and future generations to come.


Guthrie Waugh

Guthrie Waugh was formed to take over the trading businesses from Guthrie & Co and Jardine Waugh, a British trading company.

Guthrie Kimia Sdn Bhd

Establishment of company to specialize in agricultural products.

Perta Kimia Sdn Bhd

Establishment of company to specialize in fertilizers.

Peladang Kimia Sdn Bhd

Incorporation of Peladang Kimia Sdn Bhd to specialize in both fertilizers and agrochemicals.

Peladang Kimia Berhad

Listing of Peladang Kimia Berhad in Bursa Malaysia (fka KLSE).

PK Fertilizers

Fertilizer and agrochemicals business was delisted from KLSE, incorporation of PK Fertilizers Sdn Bhd.

Hextar Fertilizers Group
Sdn Bhd

PK Fertilizers Sdn Bhd was acquired by Hextar Fertilizers Group Sdn Bhd.

Hextar Industries Berhad

Hextar Industries Berhad acquires the entire equity interest in Hextar Fertilizers Group Sdn Bhd.