Immortal Green

Since entering the market over two decades ago, our organic fertilizers have been gaining popularity ever since. Our Black King Kong has proven to be ideally suited for landscaping and cash crop cultivation while our Organic Hi-K which is a plant based organic fertilizer with high alkalinity (pH 10) is highly recommended for peat soil areas. The use of these types of fertilizers helps to neutralise the acidity generally found in peat soils.

Black King King®

Nutrient content : 9/9/93 + TE

RRSP : RM55/20kg


Even Granules - For easy application and easy storage.

Does not contain animal matters.

High PH values.

Optimum nutrient contents - Contains balance and optimum Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium which needed by plants/crops for faster growth

Suitable for all plants/crops - Suitable for all plants/crops usage and can be applied at any stages of plants/crops growth.


Provides a complete nutrients for faster and better growth

Helps in increasing microorganism activities.

Improve soil structure.

Helps to retain soil moisture.

Helps in photosynthesis process.

Increase the plants/crops ability to absorb nutrients.

Renewable resources.

Application recommendation

Turf, Greens

o 30kg/750m2-850m2


o 30kg/900m2 – 1,100m2

Fruit trees (Durian, Star Fruit, Mango, Guava, Lemon, Papaya, Dokong and etc.

o 1-3years old tree – 200-300grams / tree / month

o 3-5years old tree – 300-400grams / tree/ every 2 months

o 5-7 years old tree – 400-500grams / tree/ every 3 months

o 7-10 years old trees – 500-1000grams / tree /every 4 months


o 150-200kg/ha

Cocoa, Blackpepper

o 250 – 300grams/tree


o 250 – 350 / ha / 10-14 days

Characteristics Red Hand Organic Fertilizers
Black King Kong Organic Hi-K + MgO + B Organic Hi-K + ZnCoBor
Appearance Granular Organic Compound
Nitrogen N (%) 9 0.8 0.8
Phosphate P2O5 (%) 9 3.4 3
Potassium K2O (%) 9 25 22-23
Magnesium MgO (%) 3 3 2
Trace Elements Yes 0.5% Boron 1.3-1.5%, 2.2%Cu, 2.3%Zn