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At the early growth stage, balanced and constant supply of nutrients is most essential for oil palm seedling development. Healthy seedlings at this stage ensure that when the palm is transplanted to the ground, it will rapidly take root and grow. This reduces losses arising from culling of unhealthy plants at a later stages. Poor nutrition during nursery stage could lead palms developing into runts (undersized and stunted palms) in the field.

Conventional fertilization can cause heavy losses of nutrients during the seedling stage due primarily to leaching as seedling need to be watered frequently. With Prime Nutri, the binding resin slows down the disintegration of the fertilizer and releases the nutrients uniformly over time making it constantly available to the seedling.
Recommended Formulation: 10.5/24/11/3 + TE

RRSP : RM150.00/20kg

Cost of nugget used per palm : RM0.54/year (excluding planting hole)

Application methods : Subsoil

Application Recommendation for Oil Palm Nursery & Field planting


Time of Application


After fully grown of 3rd Frond(Approximately 4-6 week after planting)

Buried 1nugget into seedling bag

4 month old seedling

Buried 2nuggets into seedling bag

8 month old seedling

Buried 3nuggets into seedling bag

In Planting Hole

Buried 8 – 10nuggets

Time of Application (Field planting)


0 - 1 year palm

30 nuggets / tree (Every 4 month)

1 - 2 year palm

35 nuggets / tree (Every 4 month)

2 - 3 year palm

40 nuggets / tree (Every 4 month)

3 years & above

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