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PK Fertilizers has been a major player of straight fertilizers for the past 100 years. Straight fertilizers usually provide a single nutrient and are normally used by plantations.

    Category Straight Fertilizers Characteristics
Nutrient Content
     Nitrogenous Fertilizers Ammonium Sulphate 21%N
Ammonium Nitrate 34%N
Ammonium Chloride 25%N
Urea 46%N
    Phosphatic Fertilizers Polyphos Rock Phosphate 30-32%P2O5
Reactive Rock Phosphate 28-30%P2O5
Triple Super Phosphate 46%P2O5
Di Ammonium Phosphate 18%N, 46-48%P2O5
Mono Ammonium Phosphate 11%N, 44%P2O5
    Potassic Fertilizers Muriate Of Potash 60%K2O
Sulphate of Potash 50%K2O
Potassium Nitrate 14%N, 44-50%K2O
    Magnesium Fertilizers Sul-Po-Mag 22%K2O, 18.5%MgO
Ground Magnesium Limestone 16-18%MgO
HG Magnesium Sulphate 27%MgO
Fused Magnesium Sulphate 20%P2O5, 18%MgO
Natural Kieserite 2%K2O, 25%MgO