Immortal Green

Forest King - Generally after deforestation, the land is cleared and the replanted sapling is exposed to extreme weather elements of strong wind and rain. Conventional fertilizers which are broadcast on the surface are therefore easily lost through wind and washed away by rain. Forest King which is covered by the soil will not suffer any of these.

Due to the remoteness and lack of roads in areas that are usually used for forestry cultivation, fertilizer application for the young plants is usually  a one off event carried out at the time of initial planting in the field. Subsequently, the plants are expected to grow on their own till maturity. Under such a situation, it is even more important that the plant gets it full supply of nutrients over the desired period and not let the nutrients be washed away. Forest King is therefore tailor made for the re-forestration industry as it can supply constant nutrients throughout the year.
Recommended Formulation: 17/9/8/4 + TE
Application Recommendation