Immortal Green

Specially formulated for Household & Landscaping requirement. There are three formulations to choose from. Each formulation targeted at difference type of individual plant requirement whether for flowering, fruiting or leaves.


Ono-San® FOR FLOWERING is specially designed for plants to boost the growth of flowers. Flowers like Hibiscus (Bunga Raya), Bougainvillea (Bunga Kertas) and Ixora (Bunga Jejarum) are commonly found in Malaysia. Normally these types of plants require a lot of sunlight (depending on variety). The dosage required starts from 1 nugget every 3 months, if the diameter of the pot is more than 5-inches. Do not over dose your plants as there is an optimum level of nutrients for each plant. Trimming the plants is recommended. Ono-San® FOR FLOWERING can also be used for water lilies or lotus flowers. Two nuggets are to be inserted into the soil every month while we also suggest that you change the water every month and to breed some guppy fish in the pots. It is not recommended to use Ono-San® on orchids.

Some of us plant vegetables in our garden and Ono-San® FOR LEAVES works perfectly for this category of plants. Some people are concerned if there are any side effects if we use these fertilizers on vegetables as they for our own consumption. You don’t have to worry about this – Ono-San® is a fertilizer that provides nutrients which required by the plants. All these nutrients are found in the soil but the nutrients deplete due to continued planting. You will notice that the sizes of the plants are smaller each time you replant it when you don’t replenish the nutrients in the soil. Ono-San® replenishes all the major nutrients to the soil. Ono-San® For Leaves is also good for potted plants like Money Plants and Bonsai.

If you have mango or rambutan trees in your house, we recommend that you use Ono-San® FOR FRUITING. You need to apply at least 10 nuggets for each tree (depending on size of the tree). For most fruiting trees, we recommend that you trim the trees every time it finishes the fruiting season and apply Ono-San® FOR FRUITING. This way, it will make the tree grow more fruits in the next fruiting season. Try to avoid applying fertilizers during the flowering stage of fruit trees.

Last but not least, our Ono-San® FOR GENERAL GARDENING is suitable for any other type of plant. Some of us plant potted plants in our apartments or houses but these plants come in many different varieties. Ono-San® FOR GENERAL GARDENING contains all the major nutrients required and it helps to maintain the healthy growth of your plants.

Feel the difference with Ono-San®.

Standard Formulation: For Flowering : 13/13/18/ 3 + TE
For Fruiting : 10/12/22/ 2 + TE
For Leaves : 18/ 9/ 8/ 4 + TE
For General Gardening : 12/9/18.5/3 + TE

Avaliable at all leading Plant Nursery, Hardware Store, Jusco, Central Hyper Market and Mydin.
Ono-San is the latest in technology of fertilizers, specially catered for all types of potted plants and trees in your garden. Just place these control-release fertilizers into your potted plants and water them as usual and you can forget about feeding your plants and they will still flourish under your green thumbs!

Application recommendation (every 3 month)

Follow application rate strictly. Do not over apply. This is a premium concentrated product.


Ø 5 - 6 inches diameter pots

- Bury 1 nugget

Ø 6 - 10 inches diameter pots

- Bury 2 nuggets

Ø More than 10-inches diameter pots

- Bury 3 to 4 nuggets

SHRUBS : Bury 1 nugget every 8 inches apart

TREES : Bury 8 to 10 nuggets around the tree 10 inches from the stem

WATER LILIES : Bury 2 nuggets per plant every month (Recommended to change water every month)

Not suitable for Orchid and pots diameter below 5 inches


Characteristics Control-Release Fertilizers with Zeolite Coating
Ono San (Retail)
Flowering Fruiting Leaves General
Appearance Nugget
Nitrogen N(%) 13 10 18 12
P2O (%)
13 12 9 9
Potassium K20
18 22 8 18.5
MgO (%)
3 2 4 3
Trace Elements Yes Yes Yes Yes