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The optimum use of fertilizer can be defined as an approach whereby the right quantity of fertilizer application to plants that ensures positive economic impact to the farmer and minimum loss of nutrients to the environment. Rubber Ace® is a control release fertilizers specially formulated for rubber tree requirements.

With RubberAce®, you can not only save cost and human power, but it also prevent the loss of nutrients. Rubber Ace® fertilizer comprises all major nutrients which include Nitrogen, Phosphorus Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Calcium.

Rubber Ace® Formulation: 17/9/8/3 + TE

RRSP : RM150.00/20kg

Application methods : Subsoil

Application Rates Recommendation

Planting Hole : 4 nuggets/hole

6th month after field planting : 4 nuggets / tree

12th month : 5 nuggets / tree

18th month : 5 nuggets / tree

24th month : 6 nuggets / tree

30th month : 6 nuggets / tree

36th month : 7 nuggets / tree

42nd month : 7 nuggets / tree

48th month : 8 nuggets / tree

54th month : 8 nuggets / tree

5 years & above : 10 nuggets / tree (Every 6 month)

Placement of Rubber Ace fertilizers

6th month after field planting : 15cm from tree

12th month : 15 cm from tree

18th month : 18 cm from tree

24th month : 21 cm from tree

30th month : 24 cm from tree

36th month : 27 cm from tree

42nd month : 30 cm from tree

48th month : 33 cm from tree

54th month : 36 cm from tree

5 years & above : above 60cm from tree

Other Nutrients recommendations

High Green® 100 grams / tree / year

Important Points to Note

i. Amount of fertilizers need to be adjusted in winds damage prone areas.

ii. Fertilizer application is recommended during wintering.

iii. Do not break the nugget.

iv. Rubber Ace® will respond differently to types of soil.

v. Please consult your agronomist or contact us for further information.